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Nanotechnology is on the verge of commercialization and has the potential to create many new materials and devices with a vast range of applications. William Andrew produces the largest library of nanotech titles which explore the impacts and opportunities of the nanotech industry covering the latest innovations in the field including medicine, electronics and energy production.

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Micromanufacturing Engineering and Technology

By: Yi Qin
Price: 280.00 AUD / 117.99 GBP / 138.95 EUR / 195.00 USD
Your Price: 224.00 AUD / 94.39 GBP / 111.16 EUR / 156.00 USD
May 2010
Hardcover, 400 pages
ISBN: 9780815515456

Presents case studies, material and design considerations, working principles, process configurations, and information on tools, equipment, parameters and control.

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Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Flexible Technologies

By: Yugang Sun and John A. Rogers
Price: 295.00 AUD / 120.99 GBP / 142.95 EUR / 200.00 USD
Your Price: 236.00 AUD / 96.79 GBP / 114.36 EUR / 160.00 USD
April 2010
Hardcover, 328 pages
ISBN: 9781437778236

An overview of the strategies to generate high-quality films of one-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures on flexible substrates (e.g., plastics) and the use of them as building blocks to fabricating flexible devices.

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Handbook of Silicon Based MEMS Materials & Technologies

By: Veikko Lindroos, Markku Tilli, Ari Lehto and Teruaki Motooka
Price: 365.00 AUD / 147.99 GBP / 174.95 EUR / 245.00 USD
Your Price: 292.00 AUD / 118.39 GBP / 139.96 EUR / 196.00 USD
January 2010
Hardcover, 700 pages
ISBN: 9780815515944

Provides vital packaging technologies and process knowledge for silicon direct bonding, anodic bonding, glass frit bonding, and related techniques.

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Emerging Nanotechnologies for Manufacturing

By: Waqar Ahmed and M. J. Jackson
Price: 300.00 AUD / 125.00 GBP / 133.00 EUR / 199.00 USD
Your Price: 240.00 AUD / 100.00 GBP / 106.40 EUR / 159.20 USD
September 2009
Hardcover, 500 pages
ISBN: 9780815515838

This book provides an important and in-depth guide to the applications and impact of nanotechnology to different manufacturing sectors. As such, it will find a broad readership, from R&D scientists and engineers to venture capitalists.

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Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety

By: Matthew Hull and Diana Bowman
Price: 320.00 AUD / 135.00 GBP / 147.00 EUR / 220.00 USD
Your Price: 256.00 AUD / 108.00 GBP / 117.60 EUR / 176.00 USD
September 2090
Hardcover, 352 pages
ISBN: 9780815515869

This book tackles the debate over nanotechnology's environmental, health and safety (EHS) by thoroughly explaining EHS issues, financial implications, foreseeable risks (i.e. exposure, dose, hazards of nanomaterials), and the implications of occupational hygiene precautions and consumer protections.

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Fundamental Principles of Engineering Nanometrology

By: Richard Leach
Price: 225.00 AUD / 95.00 GBP / 99.95 EUR / 149.00 USD
Your Price: 180.00 AUD / 76.00 GBP / 79.96 EUR / 119.20 USD
September 2009
Hardcover, 352 pages
ISBN: 9780080964546

In this book Professor Richard Leach, of the UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL) makes a significant contribution to standardization in the field of MNT, extending the principles of engineering metrology to the micro- and nanoscale, with a focus on dimensional and mass metrology.

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Applied Nanotechnology

By: Jeremy Ramsden
Price: 250.00 AUD / 100.00 GBP / 107.00 EUR / 160.00 USD
Your Price: 200.00 AUD / 80.00 GBP / 85.60 EUR / 128.00 USD
August 2009
Hardcover, 200 pages
ISBN: 9780815520238

An overview of nanotechnology that encompasses scientific, technological, economic and social issues -- investigating the potential of nanotechnology to transform whole sectors of industry from healthcare to energy.

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Nanotechnology Applications for Clean Water

By: Mamadou Diallo, Jeremiah Duncan, Nora Savage, Anita Street and Richard Sustich
Price: 370.00 AUD / 120.00 GBP / 131.00 EUR / 195.00 USD
Your Price: 296.00 AUD / 96.00 GBP / 104.80 EUR / 156.00 USD
December 2008
Hardcover, 700 pages
ISBN: 9780815515784

This book has contributors from the US, India, Canada, Japan, UK, Sri Lanka, and South Africa and provides detailed information on breakthroughs, cutting edge technologies, current research, and future trends that may affect acceptance of widespread applications.

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